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July 2005

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Today and Forward - July 13

My thanks to those of you who sent sympathy about the demise of Katie. I owe replies to several people , and those replies will come soon.

Today's challenge was to be three people at once. Wendy is helping her parents for a few days, and Kathy left for a few vacation days at lunchtime. So it's a good thing I am used to doing the extra walking these days---I got to do the cross-office trip quite a few times.

After work, I went to do a couple of errands. The late-day rain we had was at its heaviest while I was on the bus, so I really didn't have any trouble with it. I wasn't in the store very long. By the time I had gotten what I needed and was heading home, the rain had ended.

Tomorrow will be another trip to the store, since a friend has offered to take me to pick up the heavier items that are hard to carry walking. That will make my life much easier.

And Patrick's play, Hit Me, is one of the ten plays in this year's 10 X 10 in Carrboro. TeKay is directing the play. Patrick is coming this weekend, and will participate in the reception on Saturday night. I am looking forward to the festival, to sharing real space with Patrick, and of course to seeing TeKay again.

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