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July 2005

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Learning and Other Good Things - July 6

Today saw the setting into motion what I hope will be the repair work on my car. I'm pretty sure there's an emissions problem, based on the car's behavior, and my regular garage doesn't do that kind of work.

After hearing my tale of car woes, a friend offered to introduce me to his mechanic, who does do that work, and after making sure I had saved enough money that I thought it was possible to get the work done, I asked my friend to start the process. We got together today and made the call to the mechanic. We have an appointment set for Tuesday at the new-to-me garage.

Once an estimate is given, I will know whether or not I can afford to have the work done, or will have to wait for August to arrive. Note here that I am not asking you who are reading to send money, but good wishes would be deeply appreciated!

My friend didn't stop there. Our next move will be to have said friend decide whether or not he feels it's safe for him to drive my car to the garage. If he does, then I'll follow him in his car and have a built-in way to get to work. If not, he will have the garage arrange for the car to be towed.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I am learning. Not a lot yet about car emissions system repair, but a great deal about myself in this process. I am trying to get better at remembering something I have known all my life: that sometimes in asking for help you are giving a gift to the person you ask.

In part, that gift is trust in the other person.

And in part, that gift is willingness to admit being in need of help.

I know how good it is to think outside myself. I know what a gift it has been to me when I've been honored with someone's trust. This year, I'm being reminded that other people have the same need to share of themselves that I do, and that I can give the gift.

* * * * * * * * * * *

There are a few omens showing me that the universe may have decided to give me some good luck. A piece I wrote in a fit of smartassery got included in a very funny man's column to subscribers this morning. A hand brace that I keep in my purse just in case and had lost on my way to work today was waiting for me to find it on my way home from work tonight...before I had had a chance to realize it was gone. The mechanic was available when my friend and I made the call.

And definitely a good one: Patrick's play, Hit Me, is one of the ten plays in this year's 10 X 10 in Carrboro. TeKay is directing the play. Patrick plans to attend the reception on July 16. That he's coming means I will finally be in the same room with my very good friend.

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