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July 2005

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On the Whole - July 5

According to a company in California, I have gotten one hell of a promotion. One of the first pieces of mail that I saw today was addressed to: "Becky MyLastName, owner/manager" of the law firm. I immediately went to the two partners and told them this grand news. They pointed out that I needed to take it up with Zoe, who really does run the place.

Zoe was underwhelmed. She scowled at me for interrupting her nap, and then went back to sleep.

The thing is, I'm sure who sold them my name. There is only one other company that has my name as "Becky" in their records (instead of "Rebecca"). So my contact information was sold by those twits at the storage company that hassled me so much about wanting to store our documents. If you are betting people, the odds that I will see hell freeze before doing business with the storage company are high. Very, very high.

After that excitement, I called one of the clients to discuss getting some documents to her. While we were on the telephone, her toddler daughter wanted a little attention. The mom asked me to hold a moment, then in a very calm voice told the little girl to sit down and get ready for her tea party.

When she turned her attention back to me, I said I wanted to come to the tea party, too. That was fine with the mom, but I couldn't get there fast enough since the party was going to start as soon as the call ended. I'll just have to go another time.

After work, I went grocery shopping. I can tell that all the extra walking I've been doing is doing me some good. I'm much less tired after walking home from the store these days than I was back in April.

So tonight the newly-promoted owner/manager (whose sole new job power is recycling ads from companies that promote her without checking with the dog) is safely home with her groceries, thinking of tea parties yet to come and, on the whole, calling this a good day.

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