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July 2005

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July 4

Not to complain, but I am surprised there were no firecrackers heard in the complex tonight. Usually we have at least one contingent determined to make some noise for the Fourth of July. But tonight, all was quiet.

I've spent the day rather quietly. Ordinarily, I save up one fairly large household chore to be done during the day of July 4. But this year, I changed my routine and did a few smaller things instead.

The one holiday thing I did was watch the concert and fireworks from Boston on CBS. The patriotic music was fine, but the rest of the selections struck me as being bizarre. For the record, I do like country music, modern as well as older. It was just odd to have fireworks accompanying the songs. And as much as I like Harry Smith, I thought his commentary was very forced.

I can't complain too much about it, because it was on as background to a project I was working on during the evening. At least it wasn't annoying enough that I wanted to mute it. And yes, thanks, I know I could have changed the channel. I just wanted to see where this show would go.

I hope all who celebrated this day had a great time, and all who had to work had good days.

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