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July 2004

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Residence - July 3

With the rent amount now settled, I got the lease renewal accomplished this afternoon. And the recycling got done, too, because I am not about to waste a trip to that part of the complex (the recycling bins are near the office). The tendonitis in my left ankle is better, but it isn't gone yet (partly thanks to a weird move I made hurrying for a bus the other afternoon).

The only thing they asked of me with regard to the frozen rent amount was to agree to give sixty days' notice if I intend to move out (rather than the more widely used thirty days' notice) when the lease ends. Since I plan to stick around, that was really not an issue for me.

I did see a notice in the office advertising the prices being charged to new residents, and I must say that even had I had to pay the increase I still wouldn't have been paying as much as the newbies will pay. It's nice to see the management is being good to all the returning tenants.

I really like my apartment. I'm used to living here, and even though I'd like more room, that's due to my packrat tendencies rather than a deficiency of space in the apartment. I have, over the years, enjoyed figuring out places to store things.

The main thing about this apartment, though, is that it's my refuge. I am welcome here. My friends are welcome here. It felt like home from the first minute I moved in, many years ago now. And although I had no idea at that time that I would still be here so many years later, I don't regret it.

Refuge is a very good thing.

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