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July 2005

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I got to play bus driver's helper on the way to work yesterday, to deal with the cranky passenger who wanted to complain that the back door of the bus had hit a body part where those of us who heard the tale were thinking unless she was entirely too friendly with the bus door, she could not have been hit, since the door slides sideways instead of outward and she claimed to have been outside at the time of the incident.

My role in this little drama was to get the woman's name and phone number, so that the transportation people could contact her. As soon as the passenger complained, the driver had called for a supervisor to meet the bus en route, or to get in touch with the rider as soon as possible (this is standard procedure when a passenger complains). No supervisor was available, so a call was planned for later in the day.

The driver asked me to help her out by going to the woman's seat and getting the information. I was happy to oblige and made my way down the aisle.

I noticed that the seat in front of the woman was empty, so I sat down in it, sideways. I said what I wanted and why, then handed over paper and pen. The woman wrote down a name and telephone number which may or may not have been hers, then announced she had no time to talk with anyone else about it. I thanked her, and made my way back to the driver with the information.

The cranky woman got off at the next stop. The driver, wanting to avoid any potential problems, waited until the several of us who were looking out the window said that the woman was several feet away from any part of the bus before closing the doors and driving on.

The rest of the trip was uneventful.

* * * * * * * * * * *

An update: I got word yesterday that the apartment complex management had decided to freeze my rent at the current level for the next year. In other words, they're absorbing the mistake they made. It will cost them a small amount of money, but will bring them much good will.

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