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June 2005

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Weekends - June 30

There are days when I'm reminded that my life must seem terribly boring to someone who isn't living it.

I had one of those days this week, when someone I don't know very well asked me what I was doing this coming weekend. I said I'd probably do a bit of housework, then I realized I've given her the same answer the last two times she asked me about weekend plans.

So I said, "You must think I spend all my time doing housework!" She laughed and reminded me that she also knew I had a job. And that made me laugh. She then told me about her weekend plans, and I was relieved to have the spotlight off mine.

Truth is, I rarely announce my plans for any free time, unless someone else is involved in the plans. I reserve the right to change my mind about what I will do in alone time, and the right to refrain from looking constantly flaky in terms of changing my mind

To that end, I usually blurt out something like, "Nothing special, probably some housework," in response to the question.

This, of course, is because those who ask about weekend plans also often want to know how the weekend plans went. And if all I've said is I don't have special plans, then whatever my answer to the followup happens to be, it is just fine.

"Nothing special..." may make my life seem terribly boring, but I can live with that. Because I know better.

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