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June 2005

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Components - June 29

The excitement for the day began courtesy of a wee tiny mouse. He was exploring Franklin Street, close to the bus stop. I was sitting on a bench, instead of my usual place on the stone wall. My young friend E. was sitting with me, and we were chatting and enjoying the late morning sun.

For the record, E. is not the young woman who needed money for food earlier this week.

All of a sudden, E. looked down and started to say words not otherwise related to our chatting. I looked to see what had caught her attention, in time to see the little mouse fleeing under the edge of a nearby trashcan. He had, I learned a moment later, detoured across E.'s foot in his explorations.

Once E. got herself under control and the conversation returned to less eventful topics like her hunt for a summer job, the bus we wanted to take arrived. The driver, N., was in a chatty mood, too, so the three of us did just that on our way east.

We reached E.'s stop and bade her good day.

N. and I chatted a bit more, about our ages, our lives, and our respective plans for the summer (mine much more vague than hers), and about the scary aspects of a couple who ride the bus every so often when they have been drinking. That may have been just what conjured the couple to the next bus stop. I'm not sure if they were sober today, but if not they were at least reasonably quiet.

A few stops later, Star got on. Her good news for the day was that her boss had been pleased with something she had done. And as usual, Star's happiness at being alive was contagious.

We got to my stop, and I was bidden a good day.

I got to work, and it was good. A manageable amount of work, and some wonderful cuddle time with office dog Zoe were aspects of that good.

Later in the day, a chat with my friend who is in recovery led me to discover some resources for my own journey. I have spent some good time this evening pondering those things.

And as the day is ending, the components --- mouse notwithstanding --- add up to good.

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