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June 2005

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Due Consideration - June 26

Today I had another one of those wonderful conversations with my best friend, Donna. I had called in part because I needed Donna's opinion on something. That part of the conversation was quickly taken care of, then we went on to other topics. As in, by the time we were through we had solved several world crises and were planning to teach a course in manners:

    Donna: Let us teach you how to be con-sid-er-ate.

    Me: Who can give us an example of considerate?

    Donna: Being considerate is important!

And so forth. All done in that really cheerful, first-day-of-school tone of voice. We ended our lesson-planning session when we were laughing too hard to continue.

Donna's mother, Becky, continues to recuperate from her surgery, and is doing quite well. We didn't have a Becky-to-Becky moment tonight, but we did have a moderated version---Becky the mother was available for sidebar consults as needed, though she was actually watching television with Donna's husband.

(I get the feeling that if the three of us women spent much time in the same room, it could get dangerous. But it would definitely be a considerate trio!)

Donna and I are planning to make sure to talk or chat online a little more often. Between free long distance on our respective cell phones, and the summer freeing up her schedule a bit, this should be an easy thing to make happen.

It will be good to keep in closer touch. It will include much fun. And, oh yeah, we will be considerate.

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