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June 2005

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Tired - June 22

Today's big adventure was getting to work without gnawing off my left ankle. That's right, the tendonitis has made an appearance, and it apparently thinks it has the right to dictate how I do anything. In other words, it's making my left knee hurt, and the two of them are taking their frustrations out on my back.

Add to this the fun of a seriously crowded bus with a defunct air conditioner, and you understand why I think today was not as good a day as yesterday.

We had a weather front moving through, and a lot of us were hurting one way or the other. Also, there is something about rapidly-moving weather fronts that brings the weird people out to play. Some woman was just hell-bent convinced that we had someone named (let's say) John Doe in the office. And she called at least four times, wanting to speak with him.

Not only do we not have a person by that name on staff, we never have had one. We don't have anyone whose name is even close to that. But the woman calling was just sure that if she kept dialing the same number, eventually she would get the result she wanted.

So you have the achy staff and the (being kind here) truly confused caller. If you're thinking eventually we just let the voice mail lady answer calls five and six, you'd be right.

And if you're also thinking I probably had a very long nap after I got home from work, well, you're right on that, too.

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