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June 2005

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Clutter Begone - June 18

This has been a fairly good housework day. I've tossed out a huge amount of clutter. There is more to be done, but not overwhelmingly so.

And I am pleased. Pleased to be in a space in my brain where tossing clutter is accomplished. Pleased to have a weekend to devote to the tossing. Pleased to see some order coming out of the chaos.

I haven't uncovered any treasures, but I have pretty much uncovered the bar in my kitchen, which had been hidden by a lot of papers. Most of those pieces of paper have now been tossed out.

And then there was the accident with the coffee, that turned out to save me a lot of time. I spilled what was about a cup of coffee when I first got up today. It got on some receipts that I wanted to throw out, but which I was holding for ripping since they had at least partial identifying information on them. The coffee, however, did such a good job of obliterating anything printed on the receipts that all I needed to do was toss them.

Before you ask, no, I don't plan to pour coffee over other receipts, at least not while the receipts are on a table. But it might be the case that I put a few stray receipts in the kitchen sink and pour...

I've also spent a good bit of time putting things away. I've gotten into the bad habit of leaving things where I put them down, and that has contributed to the clutter. I hope I can break that habit fairly quickly. I know it makes my life much easier to have things where they belong, and I'm not sure how I developed this habit. I think, though, it's probably an outgrowth of having too much stuff.

Time to rest from it now, so I'll be ready to get back to the chores tomorrow.

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