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June 2005

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A Day Worth Repeating - June 16

My sometimes-companion on bus rides, Star, called me tonight. I had wondered if perhaps she had lost the number, since she hadn't called before, but I had forgotten to give it to her again the last time I saw her. I'm glad she still had it, and glad she called. We had a short but good chat.

The more I learn of her story, the more impressed I am with her. I first met her in April, on what was the first day she was able to ride the regular bus again. She said that day that she was recovering from an accident. Part of her recovery, it turned out, was having to relearn to read. It amazes me that she has made such a good recovery from what must have been a severe head trauma.

As has been the case since I met her, her enthusiasm for life itself was evident in her call tonight. It is a genuine, joy-filled enthusiasm, complete with concern for her fellow members of the human race. The world could use a few more Stars.

Other parts of the day were good, too. Work went well. The weather cooperated. Oh, and I remembered both sunscreen and antihistamines, so I didn't have the lack of either to work around.

All in all, a day of the sort I would definitely welcome again.

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