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June 2005

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A Chapel Hill Summer Day - June 15

We had one of those Chapel Hill summer days today. If you like your days hot with a whit too much humidity, you definitely should have been here. I don't really know what the high temperature for the day was...and that lack of knowledge is deliberate.

Since on my way out to work I forgot both sunscreen and antihistamine, I did my best to spend the day away from allergens and direct sunlight. The allergens were easier to avoid. Sunlight got a little tricky while waiting for the buses to come home, since both bus stops involved in the wait are in unshaded locations with western exposure.

Yesterday I had needed to deposit a check. I have long since been in the habit of doing a lot of my banking after work, at an automated teller machine, so I headed to the nearest bank branch to do exactly that. Nope. The ATM was not accepting deposits at that time, and I should please try again later. Only problem with that was I didn't have time for later. I needed to get home.

I puzzled some this morning about the best way to get the deposit made today. The right answer turned out to be, "Ask Kathy to take the deposit to the bank for me today." She did so, which was much appreciated.

After I got home, I realized how much I wanted to talk with Donna. Sometimes a girl's just got to talk to her best friend. It was really good to talk with her, as always. We covered a lot of ground. And the conversation had a bonus: Donna's mother has been staying at Donna's home while recuperating from surgery, so we had a little Becky-to-Becky chat, too.

I was delighted to hear Becky's voice and to hear how well she's doing. And I thank all of you for the good wishes sent in her direction.

The rest of the evening was spent doing quiet pursuits.

All in all, a good Chapel Hill summer day.

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