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June 2005

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A Bus Story - June 12

I don't have much to say about today. It was hot, so much so that the air conditioning had trouble keeping ahead of the heat and the humidity. I didn't need to go anywhere, so I stayed inside. In many ways, today was a continuation of yesterday, with the addition of a nap!

Since there isn't much to say about today, I'll tell you a story from one day last week. I had one of those experiences on the way to work that left me wanting to take a hot shower and put my non-bleachable slacks in heavy-duty chlorine bleach.

I was on the bus, in the seat that most allows me to talk with the bus driver (facing the aisle, and at the very front of the bus), because she and I are developing a nice little casual friendship and chat back and forth. A man got on at the same stop I did, and decided that he needed to sit beside me, even though the third seat (of three) was empty.

At first I thought it was because he wanted to brace himself with his left hand against the pole that is just to the left of that seat. So I put my bags in my lap, with my left arm over the handbag to keep it from sliding off.

And the man kept getting closer to me. I made sure I was totally in my seat --- no jacket or purse strap or body part of mine was in his seat --- but he kept putting his thigh against mine, no matter how much I squished myself against the divider panel at my right side.

Finally, I guess he realized that people were noticing that I kept moving. He made a big deal of asking if I would like him to move, and when I said I wished he'd move away from my leg, he got even louder and said that I was holding onto my bag like I thought he was going to rob me, finishing with, "I ain't no thief!" as he stood up to move. Which was clearly meant to embarrass me, but didn't. I told him I had my arm on the bag to keep it from falling.

Unbeknownst to him, the driver was paying careful attention. Once he got off the bus, she and I had a good laugh about it, but I can promise you he won't bother me or any other passenger on her bus again. Because she takes good care of the passengers she likes, one of whom I'm happy to say is me.

Girl power, you understand, is a formidable thing when used against unsuspecting jackasses.

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