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June 2005

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Progress - June 11

This is the loveliest thing I've read all week. Happy anniversary of moving, Benjamin!

* * * * * * * * * * *

Today, I made progress on several fronts. The flute descant in D.'s memory is finished. A piece of writing I'm working on is much further along, and yes, it's the one mentioned in that same entry. A piece of cross stitch to which I'm applying the finishing touches is getting, well, finished. And some things that needed to be given thought got their due allotment.

I like the phrase, "made progress."

One of the things on my mind today was the notion of where I want to spend the retirement years of my life. I had always had it in mind that when I retired I would move back to my hometown. I've been rethinking that of late. I've realized that while I have a great deal of fondness for that town, most of the reasons I had thought I wanted to move back there are no longer true.

From a practical standpoint, for instance, it used to be the case that within a couple of blocks of where I lived one could walk to the doctor's office, the drugstore, the Post Office, and a small but full-fledged grocery store. No longer true. The grocery store is now a convenience store (nice, but not quite enough choices), and the other three things have moved out of the central area.

From a personal standpoint, the friends and family members who used to live in the same town are, for the most part, no longer living where they had been. Those who are still fairly local to the area would welcome me as a guest, I've been assured (and yes, that matters more than I can tell you).

Heavy thinking. But progress was definitely made.

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