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June 2005

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Listing - June 10

Here's part of my day, in list form.

Talking - June 9

This was a really good day for me, a sorely-needed one. I got a lot accomplished at work, and had brief but lovely visits with a few friends. It was the kind of day that leaves you satisfied and believing that the world is still turning as it should.

I had the pleasure of talking a little more with my friend who is in recovery. An innocent act (in this case, putting his briefcase in the trunk of his car) triggered memories of what bad shape he was in before he admitted he needed help last year. Seems he used to keep booze stashed in the trunk, and whenever he left work each day he would open the trunk, put the briefcase in, and grab the booze.

That all came to his mind, thence my ears, today because I was occupying the passenger front seat, where he usually puts his briefcase these days. Once again, after hearing him talk a little more about those drinking days, complete with how much he was consuming, I was reminded that part of the miracle of his life is that he didn't cause an automobile accident.

Nor did he end up dead from alcohol poisoning. At the rate he was consuming the stuff the last few days of his drinking, it could easily have happened.

As our ride went on, talk turned to my life, and to good things and bad ones that have happened to me. It was a good talk, one which included some measure of gratitude that we are alive to tell our stories.

And as we reached our destination, he thanked me for giving him reason to think of something outside himself. I often forget that other people need to do that as much as I do.

The gift is in the giving. The gift is in the receiving.

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