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June 2005

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Time - June 2

When I made the comment yesterday that the theme for the week was death, I was thinking of ones well in the past. But I got word today that a friend's father died yesterday, so that death takes over the front of my mind.

The man who died was widowed this past year, and sorely missed his wife. Perhaps for him, his own death was a merciful thing. His death, though, means my friend and his siblings have lost both parents in the space of a year.

Mercifully, there had been a recent family gathering for a happy occasion, so the surviving family members are not going straight from one death to the next with nothing joyful in between.

When their mother died, it was not an unexpected death. She had been in poor health for some time, and was in a hospice facility. Her decline had been obvious to her family, and they had made some peace with it.

But their father's death was the result of a fall that happened last week. His family had precious little time to get used to the notion that they might not have him around longer.

Precious little time to get used to the notion. Precious little time between the deaths of two parents. Precious little time.

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