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May 2005

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Reporting Kindness - May 27

A bus driver did two kind things today that allowed me to get safely to downtown Chapel Hill in time to transfer to another bus and get to work on time.

Because these made such an impact on my day, I decided to write to the local transit department. I decided the best way to tell the story was to adapt the message. In this case, "you" means the department.

I regret that I do not have the driver's name, but I wanted you to know that one of your drivers went beyond what I consider the call of duty today, on the xx route. The bus that was to have picked up passengers at My Apartment Complex at xx o' clock was unable to get to the complex because work was being done on the railroad track that crosses the main road.

Note to readers: The work on the railroad track was unscheduled, and could not be seen from the bus stop.

The driver figured correctly that there would be at least one person needing to ride to somewhere from the complex, so he turned the bus around and parked at one of the stops on the next street over, then walked over to the complex to let it be known where the bus was waiting.

I happened to be the lone passenger at that point, and I was grateful not only for the driver's concern in letting me know where the bus could be found, but also for his watching to make sure I made it safely down the path from the railroad track.

Thanks to his efforts, I made it to work on time. I said thank you to him, and it occurred to me that I also wanted you to know that his kindness was appreciated.

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