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Annoyed - May 23

I'm annoyed. I'm not sure whether I'm annoyed at my insurance man, the insurance company, an e-mail server, or a flock of carrier pigeons, but I'm annoyed.

I sent e-mail to my insurance man last Wednesday, asking a question about my life insurance policy. Although I could have called him, I chose to write since there were a lot of numbers involved. Since I have known him a lot of years, and know he has a reputation for promptness, I expected a fairly prompt reply, even if it were, "Becky, I'll have to look into this and get back to you."

Nope. After three complete business days and part of a fourth, no reply. I like this man, and frankly don't want to nag or get a reputation for suddenly thinking I'm the only customer. And I realized that perhaps the first message had not reached him. I do, however, need an answer to my question so that I can proceed with some financial planning.

So I chose to try e-mail a second time. But this time, with a twist. I went through the company's national website contact form. I hadn't used that the first time because it had a lot of required blanks that my insurance man would be able to fill in himself. If he even needed them. They had nothing at all to do with my question. Trust me on this.

Anyway, I went with the contact thingy this morning, filling in all the required stuff, and at least got a page showing that my message had been received by the company and would be sent to the man. No reply yet, but that could be a consequence of asking a question on a Monday.

But I'm wondering if I now have two messages floating out in cyberspace somewhere, or if there's at least one message being delivered by carrier pigeon. Then there's the possibility that he needs to set up an autoresponder for those times when he's unavailable.

Of course, there is also the possibility that he's replied and his reply is floating in cyberspace. But I don't think so, because getting the exact same message (the joys of copy-and-paste) from me after he had replied would probably have led him to call me, and other mail has been coming to that address all along.

I'll give this another bit of time, then I'm picking up the phone.

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