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May 2005

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Joy in the Normal - May 17

I had a treat today, in getting to see Star again. I saw her when she got on the bus, and greeted her by name. She smiled, then asked where we had met, going on to say that her memory was still not completely back.

With that opening, I had a chance to tell her where and when we had met, and to thank her for sharing the story that had made me adjust my attitude that day. And I'm so glad I had the chance.

Star is still recovering from the accident, but it is clear that she is getting better all the time. Today she said that she had been able to go back to work, and that she was on her way downtown to have lunch.

Those are such normal things. But her joy in being able to do such normal things is palpable. And extremely contagious. As much so as the smile on her face.

As we rode on, Star got a pen from her purse, to write down my name. She was looking for something upon which to write it, and I thought the easiest thing was to give her a business card. So I did.

It has my home phone number on it, and she asked if she could call sometime. Of course she's welcome to do that. Since my phone line is often busy, I gave her my cell number, too, though I rarely ever give that one out. We also said we should get together for lunch sometime, so perhaps we will do just that.

Then it was time for me to get off the bus. She wished me a good day at work, and I just knew it would be. I returned the wish, and went on my way.

Turned out that when I got to the office, I had a chance to share Star's story with Associate 1 and with Kathy. Kathy immediately knew who I meant. She had met her in a local store a couple of months back, when Star was still in a rehabilitation center near the store. It was my pleasure to give Kathy a progress report, and to tell Associate 1 the story from the beginning.

We three talked of how good it was to be reminded of the joy to be found in doing quite mundane things. I hope Star keeps on reminding us of that, for many years to come.

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