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May 2005

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Impatiently Waiting - May 15

I spent part of the afternoon paying bills online. I do this in part to save myself the mailing cost, but at least with regard to the telephone bill I may have to rethink that. I'm sure my time is worth more than the price of the postage and the check.

Let's just say I think the telephone company needs a better website---one that isn't so graphics-bloated. Granted I have dial-up, but I've gone to that site on the telephone company's own DSL, and it doesn't load fast there, either.

The most amusing thing on that site is the "Please Wait" message, after you've selected whatever area it is you need to visit. Text, of course, loads before graphics, and for a bit the only thing you see is a sentence with gaps in it, and a stray dot.

The sentence asks people to be patient, and not to use their browsers' stop or back buttons. Because someone apparently thinks the sentence is incomplete without art, there are images included, of the stop and back buttons found in Internet Explorer. The stray dot? The period at the end of the sentence. It follows the image of the back button.

Oh, and "Please Wait" is done as a graphic. It's the largest one, and is the last to load. It's at the top of the page. What you were supposed to wait for is already displayed at the bottom.

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