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May 2005

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The Good and The Fascinating - May 11

The really good news: Becky, Donna's mother, is recuperating quite well from her recent surgery. I had a chance to talk with Donna tonight, and that piece of news was great to hear. Again, my thanks for the good wishes.

It was also great to just get to sit and talk with Donna. In addition to discussing her mother's health, we had a lot of catching up to do. We have gotten out of the habit of frequent chats, mainly due to time constraints. We plan to remedy that.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Today while I was waiting at the bus stop I saw something that fascinated me. A woman heading toward the complex mailbox was wearing a sleeveless shirt that let me see her tattoo. It was a musical passage. Just the melody line, from what I could see (only one staff) and it went in a spiral from her wrist up to her shoulder. I cannot imagine the amount of time that took.

I wish I could have looked at it longer. I didn't get a long enough look at it to see if the melody looked familiar. I hope to see her again, and to have a chance to ask about it. I can tell you from what I saw that the notation and the staff itself looked flawless.

Imagine taking the melody line from a printed piece of sheet music, standard sized, and cutting and taping the paper so that it was one continuous piece. Then imagine starting at your wrist and winding that piece up your arm. Subtract the paper and make the ink olive green to get an idea of how this looked.

I've never wanted a tattoo, and doubt I ever will. I don't think there's anything wrong with them; I've just wanted to keep my accessory options open. But if I change my mind on that, I'm definitely going to track this woman down and ask for the name of her artist.

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