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May 2005

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Multipurpose Tool - May 3

As I write, my computer keyboard is cleaner than it's been in a while. I got busy with a can of compressed air, a pair of tweezers, and a crochet hook.

Oh, didn't you know that crochet hooks have multiple uses besides the obvious? Tonight's spare use was prompted by a stray hair that was under the edge of a key cap. I just grabbed the hair with the hook, then snagged it with the tweezers when it was reachable. In this case, I was using a small steel hook. It happened to be the same one that I used this past Christmas to make snowflakes.

This is certainly not the first time I've used a crochet hook to do something besides crochet. They're used, of course, in the finishing steps of some knitting projects, and I use the tiny ones to repair snagged threads in clothing. But I'm thinking more about things really outside the crocheting box.

Perhaps the oddest use was to make a temporary fix on a church's music stand. The ledge of the stand would no longer stay straight enough to support the music. It was a stand with hinges attaching the ledge to the back, and the hinges needed to be tighter. But for the times that I needed to use the stand, a certain crochet hook wedged in just the right spot kept the ledge in the correct position.

I learned this by trying all sorts of things. I don't remember exactly why I had the hook with me, but since I did I tried using it. And of course, since it worked so well, I made sure it was in my purse if I thought I was going to need to use that stand.

I don't know what happened with the loose-ledged stand after I no longer needed to use it. I suspect someone replaced or repaired the hinges. Or perhaps the church added the purchase price of a crochet hook to the music budget.

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