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May 2005

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Puppy Treat - May 2

I got to play with a puppy today. Wendy's friend Ms. P. has a Golden Retriever puppy, who needed to meet more people and learn that wearing his collar and lead could mean really fun things were going to happen. So she brought him by to meet the law firm crew.

Our office Golden, Zoe, was underwhelmed. The first time the little one got up in her face she growled a little, to tell him in Zoe-language that he should step back and pay his respects to his elder. He ignored the warning, and went closer. That time, she snapped at him. She then looked at us in disdain for wanting to pay any attention at all to this interloping youngster, and with a huff turned to go back to her nap.

That snapping thing worked. The little one left her alone the rest of the afternoon. He had visits with most of the attorneys, and two dog-friendly clients while he was making the rounds.

During some of that time I was back in my office working on something that needed finishing by the end of the day. That done, I went to play more with the puppy.

At some point, his mom mentioned that he had an ear canal that needed cleaning out, and Wendy and I offered to help. Dealing with a wiggly, squirmy puppy who needs ear cleaning is definitely something best done by more than one person.

Wendy went into her office and got the bottle of what we call Magic Ear Medicine, which loosens wax and has worked wonders for several dogs I have known over the years. The three of us humans triple-teamed the puppy. Wendy and Ms. P. were holding him still and holding his ear flap out of the way. I was to do the honors with the dropper, so I got it filled and warmed it (and its contents) in my hand for a moment before doing the deed.

The warming of ear drops is a trick I learned from my mother, back in the days when I was a little girl prone to ear infections. It makes the drops much less unpleasant than delivering them cold.

Once the drops were in his ear, and Wendy had finished wiping the outer part to get the loosened wax out, he decided it was naptime, so he dozed off to sleep. We three humans talked a few more minutes, then it was time for Ms. P. and the young man to head home and for Wendy and me to start thinking about doing likewise.

And tomorrow? I plan to make it up to Zoe for attention she might have missed. I know the rules.

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