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April 2005

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Color Commentary - April 21

Of appropriate and inappropriate uses of Carolina blue.

There is still much pride in the land of the Tar Heels, seen in most all the store windows downtown in Chapel Hill. The next fun money I have will go toward a memento of the occasion. Probably a t-shirt, but perhaps something else.

It will probably not be a piece of Carolina blue jewelry, although I have seen some lovely blue mother of pearl pieces in a jewelry store window. And it probably won't be another mug. I have one of those from the 1982 win.

Perhaps a poster this time. I saw a great one today, of two photographs of the same spot on Franklin Street, one taken shortly before the game ended, when there were no people to be seen, and one taken an hour later, when there were so many people that there was nothing else to see.

All those things are appropriate uses of Carolina blue. But in 1982 one local business got just a little crazy in proclaiming itself proud of the team's accomplishment. The business was a local funeral home. They painted the hearse Carolina blue. No, I'm not kidding, and yes, it was used in funeral processions until finally it needed to be repainted a few years later.

I'd call that an inappropriate use.

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