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April 2005

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The Stubborns - April 19

I think of myself as being fairly stubborn. Most of my friends will tell you I am, and my mother used to tell me that I was the most quietly stubborn person she had ever known---which, by the way, she meant as a compliment. Once I've started doing a project, I try to finish it. Even if there are obstacles.

Zoe, waiting for a treat.

Say hello to an obstacle. You probably know her as Zoe. Zoe was staring at a bag of dog treats on my desk when the picture was made earlier this month. I saw a very similar expression on her face today, as Zoe was waiting for her lunch.

What isn't shown in the picture is that beyond Zoe is my printer. I was trying to get caught up on some work while we were eating lunch today, and needed to add some paper to the printer in mid-meal. I had the paper in my hand, and moved forward in my desk chair to get to the printer tray. Of course, Zoe was between me and the printer.

Zoe has her own ample supply of the stubborn. She was determined not to move from her spot before receiving the full quota of lunchtime treats. I was determined to lean closer to the printer to add the paper, instead of standing up and walking around the dog.

So who won the battle of the stubborns? We both did. Zoe isn't used to being treated as though she's a barricade to be leaned across, but that's how it worked out.

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