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April 2005

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About About - April 16

This afternoon while I was checking my site statistics it dawned on me that since other pages from several years ago have gone missing in my archives, I should check to see whether or not the most recent biography page was still extant. It wasn't.

I had been thinking it was time to redo that page, so there was a local save of it on my desktop. I hadn't given it a whole lot of thought in recent weeks, but not wanting to leave a page that was all but blank (the sidebar stuff was there, but the date and the entry itself had been replaced by some odd piece of script), I knew I needed to get in gear and do something.

So I did. I'm calling this one a partial update, because I'm still thinking about what needs to be on that page. But for the moment, the page from February 2003 is restored (minus some dead links), and I've added links to several more recent entries that are on things I think it might be useful for readers to know. The page is here.

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