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April 2005

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Taxed - April 14

I freely admit that I procrastinated doing my North Carolina state income tax return. Based on my experience for many of the past ten years, I expected to have to pay the Department of Revenue a small amount, and I figured I needn't hurry to mail a payment before the deadline. So I waited till last night to do the math for it.

But I guessed wrong, and I'm getting a small refund. In fact, the smallest I could get, since they won't issue payments for less than one dollar. I could have applied it against my 2005 taxes, but that struck me as being a personal bookkeeping nightmare, on top of the fact that I can use all the money I can get these days. So I told them to refund it.

For some reason, I'm greatly amused by this.

What I'm not particularly amused about is that I'm either catching a cold or having an allergy attack---possibly both. All I know for sure is that I'm tired and I don't feel very well. So I'm going to take a cue from a certain Golden and head to bed early. After arranging my pillows just so, of course.

Zoe, April 4, 2005

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