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April 2005

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Spring Sunday - April 10

Today was a lovely day. I went out to run my weekend errands this afternoon, and as I left I was not at all surprised that nearly everyone in the complex was outside. I stopped to get the mail and do the recycling, and saw one parent teaching his children how to ride their bikes.

The pupils were doing really well---today's lesson wasn't how to ride as much as it was where to ride and how to avoid hitting the pedestrian walking toward the mail kiosk (namely me, who didn't mind being used as a teaching tool).

I'm glad the children this afternoon were having a good time learning. And I'm glad there are lots of nooks in our parking areas where they can ride relatively undisturbed by motor vehicles, at least on Sunday afternoons.

The picture below is from a lovely day last week. It's of a cherry tree across the sidewalk from the law firm, reaching up to greet the sky.

It's days like these that help me remember why it is that I so love spring.

Cherry blossoms

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