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April 2005

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Ordinary - April 9

I am truly amused at those reporting the news who think Charles and Camilla did something extraordinary today in confessing their sins during the blessing of their marriage.

That's part of the regular liturgy in the ante-communion of the Holy Eucharist in the Anglican (Episcopal) Church. Anyone participating in the service is supposed to confess. The "manifold sins..." passage the newscasters are citing is part of Rite I in the 1977 Book of Common Prayer, as well as in its predecessor, for those in the United States.

Can you tell I have been to many an Episcopal service? I have been. Can you also tell I collect hymnals and service books? I do. I have for a very long time now. And I did check the two books noted above before I started writing this, to refresh my memory.

They, a Catholic Missal (mass book) and a Lutheran service book in German are on a shelf beside my piano. On another shelf are hymnals, some of which (mainly Lutheran) are also service books. As much as I can't see myself ever being other than Lutheran, I do enjoy knowing what other denominations sing and say.

And best wishes to the newlyweds!

Unscripted - April 8

I got a chance to deliver one of those lines today that you might think is only heard in movies. A client I've known for years was in the office, and when he and his attorney had finished their conference I happened to run into them in a hallway.

The client has, as long as I've known him, had trouble getting my name correct. He knows it starts with a "B" and ends with a "y," but those pesky letters in between mess him up. So he often wanders through the Betty-Betsy-BECKY! exercise when he calls the office.

Today when we encountered each other, he looked at me and said, "Becky?" I nodded to let him know he had gotten it right on the first try, and we were reaching for each other for a hug.

About the moment we got the hug going, the attorney, who had continued to walk down the hall, realized he had heard a question, and wondered if for some reason we needed reintroduction.

He started to say, "Becky, this is [client's name]," and interrupted himself when he turned and saw that we were hugging.

I heard him, turned my head to look over my shoulder toward him, and said, "We've met."

The attorney nodded. The hug went on another couple of seconds, then the three of us went on to whatever we were planning to do before the movie moment happened.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Later on I had a chance to speak with my friend who is in recovery. Today was his ten-month anniversary, and I am pleased to tell you he's doing well. As I told him when we spoke, I am incredibly proud of him. Which is why his sticking with the program and making it to monthly milestones keeps showing up in these entries, in case you wondered.

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