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April 2005

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The Birthday Girl - April 4

Zoe, my best dogfriend, celebrated her eleventh birthday today. And I was there to help celebrate.

While she was waiting for lunch, Zoe took a brief nap in the law firm lobby. She was resting just outside the conference room, in case she needed to go help clients meet with attorneys.

Zoe, resting before lunch

Finally it was lunchtime! Zoe knew that if she'd smile for the camera, I'd quit messing with it and feed her. What Zoe didn't know at that moment was that she was going to get human food for lunch, not dog biscuits. Special occasions call for special treats.

Zoe posing before lunch

Of course, later in the afternoon we have the obligatory treat time, after Zoe has gone on the mail run. This was just before treats were served.

Zoe waiting for treats

Finally, it was time for her afternoon nap. Zoe is like her Aunt Becky in wanting to have her pillows just so. And this afternoon she decided that her blue dolphin woobie made an excellent pillow.

Zoe's afternoon nap.

Happy Birthday, Zoe, and many more!

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