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April 2005

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The Wind - April 3

Today we had most of the wind you'd think we would have had last month. I wasn't out in it long enough to be bothered much; just had my hair blown into my face for a moment. I could still see, and was about to get where I was going anyway, so no harm.

In the drugstore, a friend told me that it had been really bad in the early hours of the morning, so much so that she had had trouble getting the door to her house shut. It's strange to think of wind that strong without either a hurricane or a tornado accompanying it. Neither was happening. It was just the wind.

It found some pollen to move around, and some children to entertain. It found some tree branches to stir, and at least one Becky to fascinate.

The rest of the day, away from the wind, was quiet. I did a lot of thinking, of the sort best accompanied by silence.

And it was good.

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