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March 2005

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Random Things - March 30

Random things, unrelated unless specifically indicated.

---To me, "unconditional love" does not mean never thinking the loved one does wrong. It means the love does not stop just because I get my feelings hurt.

---I hate the amount of nastiness swirling around from people on either side of the discussion about Terri Schiavo. It is quite possible to discuss the situation without being nasty.

---Related to the item above: a clearer understanding of "persistent vegetative state" would be a good thing.

---I love it when I finally figure out how to do something that's been elusive.

---If something one is doing will make someone else's life harder, and one has good alternatives, one should go with the alternatives.

---I love Daylight Savings Time. It increases my freedom, even if I do know it's an artificial construct.

---I do not love it when people make incorrect assumptions.

---Busy weeks often make for short journal entries.

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