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March 2005

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A Day's Chances - March 29

Today was a full day. In its hours I had a chance to teach, a chance to greet an old friend, and a chance to contemplate some favorite work.

The favorite work is handwork repair, in this case of something made of fine crochet thread. I haven't actually said yet that I can do the work, because I haven't seen the damaged area or what it is the piece (which is a table mat) is supposed to look like. I wrote to the woman who asked me about doing the work, and told her I'd need good pictures and what the pictures needed to show, before I could say whether or not I can do it.

But I hope I can. It will be nice to have some unexpected income, but far beyond that it will be nice to have the satisfaction that sort of mending brings to my soul. It is a restoration to wholeness and usefulness, and a way to honor the work of craftspeople before me. I've never taken on a project of that sort that I didn't enjoy.

The teaching chance was a small but valuable lesson in how to do something a person needed to learn. I'm glad I managed to get it across, and definitely appreciated being thanked later. I am reminded of something I learned from my mother: that one of the parts of the art of teaching is in choosing the words and the accompanying tone of voice to convey information.

The greeting chance was pleasant and wonderful and hug-filled. In other words, just what I needed it to be to make me smile.

All the above were intertwined with hearing from other friends, and accompanied by lovely weather.

It's nice when a day has its pleasures.

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