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March 2005

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Incorrections and Goldens - March 28

It's amazing what can happen to a document when you wind up using three different computers to work on it. Remember that last week I worked on some forms at home? Well, that was one computer. The other two were at the law firm, the lobby one and the one in my office.

Today we got e-mail from one of the clients whose familiarity with word processing made him realize when he read the forms that we weren't incompetent, just that our program wanted to fix things that weren't wrong. In these forms, we cite certain passages from the North Carolina General Statutes.

Some of that didn't set very well with the program on the computer in the lobby, and it made such marvelous changes as "(c)" to "©." Since the changes weren't in parts of the document that I had changed, I hadn't proofread those paragraphs. And since the copyright symbol (and other changes the program made) are not incorrect spellings, spell-checking didn't catch them.

I know that computer was the helpful one because I've had the as-you-type correcting feature disabled on my computer at home and the one in my office for a long time---to keep it from trying to do these fixes for me. To be safe, though, I've checked the forms on both these computers, and sure enough, they're right. And Wendy had a chance this afternoon to change the settings on the lobby computer, which as you may have guessed is not ordinarily used for these forms.

I'm glad that computer is ready for us now. Most of the time we really don't want the familiar sequence changed to, "(a), (b), ©, (d)," no matter what the program wants.

* * * * * * * * * * *

A friend of ours has decided to get a Golden Retriever puppy, to add to the furkids in her household. The breeder has promised her one of a specific litter, and the breeder likes to take pictures of the puppies (who aren't quite old enough to go to their new homes). Our friend has been receiving pictures and forwarding them to us. Today's batch were just adorable---little Golden pups chewing on various woobies (dog toys). And I got a bad case of puppy-lust.

Then office Golden Zoe came to see me. She was just up from a nap, and that's one of her cuddle times. I was sitting in my chair, leaned over with my face close to the top of her head. And she decided she needed to have a good wake-up shake. It will help you get over puppy-lust to have two ears smacking either side of your face. That will also make you very glad you took off your glasses before leaning over to cuddle the dog.

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