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February 2005

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Picture Night - February 28

There's not a lot to say about today; it was fairly busy at work then home to do a few things and rest. Nothing outstanding, except office dog Zoe slept through lunch. It really wasn't her fault. though. She tried to let me know it was lunchtime about half an hour before I had time to stop to eat. I told her we'd eat later, and I think she got bored waiting for "later." So just as well I have a camera.

The original intention was to show several scenes of a rainy, but not snowy, day in Chapel Hill. Then I got in a hurry this morning and didn't have time to make much room on the camera for pictures. Just as well, because the rain wound up being more drizzle and one gray sky shot was enough.

So you get a shot showing the distance between my apartment and the new mail kiosk, which may explain why I usually stop on my way to work to check the mail instead of walking down then back then leaving for work, especially if it's cold or rainy.

Distance from my apartment to the kiosk

As I started writing this, I took this picture, just to play with the camera a bit. And to give you a glimpse into where I usually write.

Becky, writing an entry

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