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February 2005

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Good in its Own Way - February 27

Today wasn't quite as pretty a day as yesterday, at least not as the evening started. As I write it is raining. We probably won't have much if any snow or sleet mixed in, though earlier forecasts had called for that. I can't claim to be disappointed.

I've spent a lot of the day doing things on the computer. It was a good day to stay in and take stock of the images stored on the hard drive, some of which I sorted better and some of which I deleted. I didn't take time to burn more CDs of the ones I'm keeping; that's on the agenda for another day.

The day also included some cooking. I have a favorite quiche recipe, one that I make at least once a month. Today was a good day to make that, and to enjoy the fruits of my labor for dinner. Quiche is one of the things I enjoy having as a leftover, too, which means I have several meals ready for this week.

I'm one of those people who cleans up while cooking. In today's case, that meant while the quiche was in the oven, I washed dishes. It was nice to get to the end of the meal and not have to worry with much more cleaning up.

After dinner, there was more computer stuff and writing to friends, as well as the last of the weekend's mending. I didn't pay much attention to it, but the television was on most of the evening, to keep me updated on weather and other things going on in the world.

So there you have it. A good day, if fairly low-key. I enjoyed living it. And when you come to the end of a day, having enjoyed living it counts for quite a lot.

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