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February 2005

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The Day that's Been - February 26

It's late at night, and I'm downloading a software update as I write. The day has been a good one, filled with chores and errands. There has been ample time also for playing around with the computer---thus the desire for the software update.

This is the sort of weekend day I wish I had more of. It came complete with sunshine and the occasional sound of children playing. There wasn't a huge crowd out shopping at the time I went for groceries. The weather was warm enough that no coat was necessary.

One of the chores I'm particularly pleased about was a bit of mending. I have several raw silk shirts, and one of them had gotten snagged by a piece of jewelry to the point that it had a tiny hole in it. In my sewing supplies I found just the shade of thread to fix the hole, and did so in a way that I think the repair doesn't show very much.

Of course, I'm not the best judge of that, what with knowing what was done and factoring in wishful thinking! But I think that if at all obvious, the extra bits of thread will look like a normal slub in the material rather than a mending job.

There's some more mending to be done tomorrow, and a few other chores as well. Here's hoping it will be as good a day as today has been.

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