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February 2005

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Without and With - February 24

There were parts of the day I could have done without. The drizzle and the cold weather, chief among those parts.

The interminably long drive to the office, because the man driving in front of me was going ten miles below the speed limit for no apparent reason (the roads were fine, and the truck was new enough that the tires were probably fine, too), on a road with no safe places to pass him.

The client who asked where former employee TC was (I had forgotten they were friends). The sleepiness that stayed with me much of the day.

There were parts of the day that I'm glad I had. That it was drizzle and not sleet or snow, chief among those parts. The warm clothes and warm car.

The music on the radio keeping me happy during the interminably long drive time. Finding a close parking place when I got to the office. The hot coffee waiting when I got inside. The lack of followup questions regarding TC's no longer working with us. The nap I had after work.

Both parts made a full day.

* * * * * * * * * * *

When two tall little girls in need of a nap in the late afternoon get silly, something like the following transpires:

Little Girl 1: I'm ready to go home. I'm tired.

Little Girl 2: Me, too. (Yawns)

LG1: I'm glad we're leaving before you fell asleep. I'd hate to have to slap you to wake you up. It would hurt my hand. And we both know it's all about me.

LG2: No it isn't! It's all about meeee. And I'm gonna pout!

LG1: Well, all right, but I'm gonna write a journal entry about it.

And so I have.

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