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February 2005

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Fun Decisions - February 23

Today is Kathy's father's birthday, and it is a landmark one. Kathy passed along my greetings to him this afternoon, but I wanted to send a message on my own, just because I know how much fun it is to get unexpected e-mail on one's birthday.

I knew I had the family's e-mail address from when they wrote to send me Christmas greetings. That message from them had made note of the fact that I've been referring to them as the cousins, ever since Kathy's birthday last summer. And from the wording, it was obvious they didn't mind a bit my claiming them as part of the law firm family.

When I sat down to write, I pondered a moment in deciding what to call Kathy's father. I could have gone with the traditional "Mr. HisLastName." But that was a little too formal. And I'm not one who automatically assumes it's all right to call someone old enough to be my parent by a first name. So what was a girl to do?

The answer didn't take long to arrive. My greeting to the gentleman was, "Happy Birthday, Cousin Dad!"

* * * * * * * * * * *

Other parts of the day included forgetting to take my lunch with me and deciding to deal with that by going to the deli for a sandwich when I went out to run an errand for the law firm. Office dog Zoe minded her manners and waited for me to finish my lunch before having her part. She didn't get as much as she often does, because I decided the sandwich was large enough to be two meals and saved half of it for dinner.

Zoe wasn't quite sure lunch was over, because instead of heading to the trashcan with the sandwich wrapper, I headed to the office kitchen to put the rest of my food in the refrigerator. She followed me there, then followed me back to my office. She finally gave up on me as a food source when I started typing.

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