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February 2005

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Flights of Fancy - February 17

The plane leaving Charlotte and heading northeast late this afternoon caught my eye because of its jet trail. I was outside the office a bit before sunset, and happened to see the trail in the western sky. I had, moments earlier, noticed the moon, on the rise and almost directly over my head.

When I saw the trail, I looked for and found the plane, and watched it climb. The lights on its fuselage, in combination with the last of the sunlight, made the plane very shiny and sparkly as it crossed the sky, its trail a slowly-diminishing reminder.

I could still see the moon, making its way across the pale blue sky. The moon's path and that of the plane were bound for an intersection.

Fortunately, the cosmic air traffic controllers long ago worked out things like that, so the moon and the plane were never a danger to each other. The moon's path crossed the plane's trail, with no ill effects to either.

After watching to make careful sure, I went back inside and finished my workday.

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The webhost for had some serious trouble develop late last night when they were doing work on e-mail servers. I've had no domain mail since before I sent last night's notify message. If you've written to me since about 8:30 p.m. Eastern (US) time on Wednesday, either using the contact form or by regular e-mail, I haven't received your message and may not. According to the company, some messages bounced and some are being delayed.

So if your message didn't get to me, please write again, using the contact form even if you already know an e-mail address for me. I've changed the address on that form for the time being, to a gmail one. Oh, and if you want a gmail invitation, please don't hesitate to ask---I have over 100 to share.

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