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February 2005

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Becky 101 - February 15

I try very hard to live my life in such a way that I can live with my that I am not mortified the next time I see me in the mirror.

Sometimes I'm as serious as a heart attack when people think I should be trying to be amusing.

Even though I'm a fairly serious person, I truly do have a sense of humor.

I try, but don't always succeed, in supporting people I care about. In the moral sense of support.

There are things about my life that bore the hell out of me. When finances permit, those will be changed.

Even though I may joke about Southern Polite, being polite is very much part of who I am, and the politeness is genuine.

My main philosophy in dealing with the world is that if you start off being nice, you can always go toward ugly if the situation merits that. It is infinitely more difficult to back away from being ugly.

And when the situation merits, I can be a real, utter bitch.

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