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February 2005

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Form - February 9

At the law firm this afternoon, I spent most of my time wrestling with changes to a form, and with using said form to produce a document one of the attorneys had requested be done for a client. By the time I got through with those two things I was weary, but had a much deeper appreciation for one function of word processing software.

The form itself had been saved with specific nouns and pronouns in it, the last time we needed the document (which was several years ago, in case you're thinking this is an obscure one). So I first had to go in and clean out the "her" and "she" bits.

Oh, and I had to remove the prior client's name from one page, too. Since I only found the name once, I'm thinking that all the removing of client-specific language was something I started doing last time around, so I could save the form as a blank. There must have been a major interruption, because I never did remember to get back to it.

Once the form was saved, as a form this time, I saved it again for the current client. And that's where the fun really began. The client's name was too close to that of someone else I know, and I confused those names more than one time during the course of the document. And of course, I had to go in and put in specific pronouns, too.

Let's just say that find-and-replace is my new best friend.

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