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February 2005

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Store Shelves and Me - February 6

I've mentioned before that the shelves in the local grocery store are not always customer-friendly. And that was my experience today, when there was only one container in the preferred size of an item I wanted. Said container was on the top shelf, all the way at the back. I changed my mind fairly quickly and bought a different size, conveniently located several shelves down.

That situation is altogether too often the case, especially regarding that size of that item. Which I won't name because I don't want to do a commercial here.

I've also mentioned before that I find it a little silly to be asked if I've found everything I wanted when I'm checking out. And on the whole, I still do, because I'm not likely to want to wait while someone goes hunting for something at that point in my shopping trip (if I really want something, I'll go ask while I'm still shopping).

But this afternoon, I happened to be at the checkstand where the store manager was filling in for a clerk. When he asked me if I had found everything, I told him that they were almost always out stock of the size of item noted above, and that it would be wonderful if they could reallocate the shelf space a little, since its sister items (this is one flavor of a product for which the same manufacturer offers several) didn't seem to be selling so well, anyway.

He asked me if they were completely out today, and I decided to be a little blunt in my answer. I said that no, there was one container, but that in order to reach it I would have needed to be both eight feet tall and flat-chested. He looked at me, noted wordlessly what it was I meant by that remark, and laughed as he offered to go try to get the container himself.

I said thanks, but I'd keep the different size this time. He thanked me, and said he would definitely speak to the manufacturer's representative about it.

And since he enjoyed the joke I made, I believe he'll follow through on that.

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