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January 2005

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Memorabilia - January 31

A plea arrived in the mail today from an agency wanting a donation. It included a gift to potential donors, a medallion of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Just call me Becky Ecumenical; Lutheran me kept the medallion. It's now hanging with several other ecumenical items on the bulletin board in my kitchen.

That board also houses some decidedly secular memorabilia, including political pins and theater ticket stubs. And the top of a broken key, which had been to my office at Non-Profit Agency #1.

The last day I worked there, someone borrowed the key and apparently forced it in the lock just right to break it. I took it as an omen that my decision to leave was the right one. And decided the top part of the key should stay with me, in case I ever needed reminding of the rightness.

I suppose a lot of what I keep on that board could just as well be put in a scrapbook or several. But I like seeing them on a daily basis, and like being able to touch them without much effort. Some of the things on the board have been there since the board itself went up on the wall, the first year I lived here.

Lots and lots of bits of things cover that board. The best part? There's always room for the next memory.

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