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December 2004

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December 30

The next installment in an occasional series. As in the earlier ones, these comments are addressed to ten separate people, called simply, "you." The comments are not intended to reflect the entire relationship I have with the person of whom I write. The earlier ones are here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

First you, I don't know what to think about you these days. But I wish you well.

Second you, you are turning sour in your displeasure. I am sorry for you.

Third you, you amaze me. I love you.

Fourth you, catching up with you was lovely.

Fifth you, you are a pure, unabashed delight. This pleases me.

Sixth you, I am sorry you have to learn this particular lesson of life.

Seventh you, you have learned much this year, and not without pain. I am sorry for the bad parts.

Eighth you, I continue to be proud of you. One moment at a time.

Ninth you, you are much, much more intelligent than you let on.

Tenth you, I am glad things are calm.


I am delighted to be participating again in Holidailies. In addition to those participating in the portal, there are writers who are doing "Holidailies at Home." A list of those participants, as well as other information about Holidailies, is available through the link.

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