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December 2004

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December 18

Last night I realized I was in deep need of sleep when it was more than I could convince myself to do to walk all the way into the next room to get the next box of holiday greeting cards. So the last three I needed to do waited till today. It was a wise choice.

Today, with enough sleep behind me to make functioning again possible, I'm heading out in a little bit to take care of the weekend errands and chores. The list is already made.

It's a pretty day out, and I'm looking forward to being in the sun. At least I think I am...I'm not at all sure where my sunglasses are at the moment, but I suspect the good pair is on my desk at work.

Hmm. May have to add an errand in that direction.

December 17

Thursday was just slow enough at the office that I took a few minutes to run a couple of personal errands. I needed stamps and wanted something for dinner. Conveniently, my favorite deli is next to a branch of the Post Office. I like it when things work out that way!

Thursday was also a day of finishing up holiday craft things. I'm not doing anything major this year, but I did learn a little about working with wire for one gift. Which I need to go wrap, in a few minutes.

In between work and craft work, there were chances for chatting with friends.

These things both filled and made my day.


I am delighted to be participating again in Holidailies. In addition to those participating in the portal, there are writers who are doing "Holidailies at Home." A list of those participants, as well as other information about Holidailies, is available through the link.

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