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December 2004

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December 4

I made what turned out to be a mistake last night. UNC-TV broadcast a Christmas concert performed by the Hickory Choral Society, and I watched much of it. The concert was lovely. Watching it was a mistake only in that it made me quite sad.

I started thinking about the last times I had visited friends in Hickory (which isn't far from my hometown), and how much I missed the one of those friends who is now dead. The deceased friend had been a music teacher.

I'm pretty sure he was not involved with that particular group; it was started after he was already involved in other things. I know he had worked with civic music groups, in addition to being a teacher in the public school system there.

Hickory is also one of those home bases for Lutherans in North Carolina, in large part because Lenoir-Rhyne College is there. I have spent many a happy time on that campus, even though it never was where I wanted to go to school (they didn't offer what I wanted to major in as a stand-alone major).

That college has a rich tradition of choral music.

Actually, so do many Lutheran colleges.

Anyway, it all added up to making me a little homesick for someplace that really isn't home anymore, and for places that never were home but were welcoming. And made me miss being part of a choral group.

And it was interesting to go through the process of realizing that in almost real time.

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