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November 2004

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November 23

I think Chapel Hill started Thanksgiving vacation a little early. There were approximately 52 bazillion cars out on the roads heading away from town this afternoon as I went out to run an errand. Of course, since it was a rainy day, there were three cars for every resident. Factor in the University students heading out early and you you see where I get my approximation.

Some of the day at work was spent dealing with a recalcitrant computer. More precisely, with some recalcitrant software. Wendy and I both used every curseword in our vocabularies in hopes that one of them was just the word the software needed to make itself go into cooperative mode. We're not sure, but are hoping something in the last batch of cursewords did the trick.

Yesterday and today Kathy had reason to leave very early. In both cases, I wound up having to lobby-sit for a while. I certainly don't mind being the one to greet clients, etc., but my back really hates her desk and chair and for that and other reasons it's hard for me to get any substantive work done if I'm not at my own desk. Today, I had less lobby time than yesterday, so I managed to get through with a lot more work than I might have. That's what left me with some time to help curse the recalcitrant software noted earlier.

The upshot of all of the above is that I'm tired tonight. And I'm going to bed.

November 22

I've been getting a lot of links requests for the Rebeccaworks site, from what appears to be a links farm. All the requests, none of which I've accepted, have been the same wording, with the exception of the name of the site requesting the link. All the sites themselves have looked quite similar. And all of them seem to be nothing more than gateway pages to other, nationally-known businesses, in some sort of attempt to make customers think they represent the other business.

I've had offers to exchange links with sites like (and I'm giving them a fake name), "XYZ," only to find out that's some sort of gateway to an upscale company that sells high-end merchandise. Once you click on the "gift catalog" link at good old XYZ, you're taken to the other company's site, unannounced.

And that offends me. I have affiliate agreements with several businesses, found on my Rebeccaworks links page. I make a small amount of money if someone clicks through and makes a purchase. But I don't try to represent myself as anything other than an affiliate of theirs.

Apparently these people asking me for reciprocal links want me to help them make money off whatever affiliate agreements they have with the high-end merchants. And I suspect the high-end merchants don't realize they're being presented as being all that closely involved with XYZ.

So, in case representatives of XYZ or its fellow businesses on the apparent farm are reading this, I'll say you won't be getting a link on my site, because I don't like how you're doing business.

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