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November 2004

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November 21

Today was a full day. I did the weekly grocery shopping, well, the part that I didn't do on Thursday night, and otherwise did chores. My cleaning urge has hit again, and I definitely try to go with that urge when it hits. I've also been thinking about the upcoming holidays.

I have not done as much crafts work this fall as I had hoped to do. The tendonitis in my left hand has played a role in that, but so has being otherwise busy. There are a couple of small things I'd like to get done by Christmas, and it's dawned on me this would be an excellent time to start on them. No more on that particular subject: Santa Claus has just reminded me that you never know who might be reading a journal entry...

One of the holiday things I am participating in again this year is something that really helped make the holidays special for me last year. A group of people who post at the same message board are doing a holiday card exchange. It's fun when online and offline lives merge this way. I just got this year's list of participants, and am looking forward to doing the cards.

And once again I plan to participate in Holidailies (no link yet because the new portal isn't open), a group of people who promise to try very hard to post entries all through December. It is through that venue last year that I came to know a couple of journals that are now very much part of my everyday reading life, and have made a friend or two out of it, also. Can't ask for much better than that, now can you?

I suspect this year will also once again see much keeping of watch, since that really hasn't stopped once it got started in earnest last December.

I mentioned a while back that I needed to make some new holiday traditions for myself. It looks as though I've done just that.

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